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We make time to keep abreast of events within both the public and commercial sectors, whilst having the expert in-house capability to provide an authoritative voice within our areas of niche specialism. Below are some insights we hope that you will find interesting.

Posted Thursday 28-07-22

No Wrong Path – Tuesday August 9th, 2022

No Wrong Path – Tuesday, August 9th, 2022 Last month, we celebrated one year as an accredited living wage employer. […]

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Posted Wednesday 27-07-22

10 Tips to Smash Your Video Interview – Part 3

Part 2 of this blog series looked at things to be mindful of during a video interview, such as breathing […]

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Posted Friday 15-07-22

10 Tips to Smash Your Video Interview – Part 2

In our last blog, we looked at the essential elements and tips for preparing for a video interview. We covered […]

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Posted Friday 01-07-22

10 Tips to Smash Your Video Interview – Part 1

Hello, and thank you for joining us. Let’s jump straight into this blog which is part 1 of 3. It […]

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Posted Friday 24-06-22

Celebrating 1 Year as an Accredited Living Wage Employer

Tomorrow we celebrate 1 year as an Accredited Living Wage Employer. But, who are Aspen People? Aspen People is a […]

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Posted Monday 30-05-22

Dynamic Recruitment Success at Dynamic Earth Science Centre in Edinburgh

We are thrilled to announce that after a major recruitment campaign here at Aspen, we have successfully secured the incoming […]

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Posted Thursday 19-05-22

How to Influence Outcomes with Expert Presenter Barbara Moynihan

You may remember our previous blog, Does Public Speaking Get Any Easier?, where we went over proven tips to calm […]

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Posted Tuesday 10-05-22

2022 Recruitment Trends: How to Get the Most Out of Recruitment Right Now

2022 has been a turbulent year in recruitment already, with the impact of the Great Resignation in the US making […]

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Posted Tuesday 10-05-22

How to Stand Out from the Crowd: Headhunting

Building on a previous blog of ours on how to get headhunted, we would like to give more specific advice […]

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Posted Wednesday 20-04-22

A Day in the Life of Kate

If you’ve read our New Aspenites blog, you will have been introduced to our affable and hard-working Consultant Kate Kennedy. […]

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Posted Wednesday 30-03-22

What on Earth is ‘Executive Search’? 5 Key Differences to Recruitment

As you may know, at Aspen we are an executive search organisation rather than a recruitment agency. This might sound […]

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Posted Friday 25-03-22

Our New Aspenites: Meet the Fresh Faces Working at Aspen!

One of the highlights of working at Aspen is our four exuberant directors, all of which have their own distinct […]

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Posted Thursday 03-03-22

How to Get Headhunted: 7 Insider Tips

At Aspen we’re always looking for the best candidates. We don’t settle for those we suspect won’t be a great […]

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Posted Monday 21-02-22

What Makes a Top CEO? Top 5 Qualities Searched for in Candidates

We’ve all heard the complaint: the majority of CEOs are white men with a privileged background, inherited wealth, and/or an […]

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Posted Tuesday 08-02-22

What is the Great Resignation, and how should we respond?

Employees are looking for flexibility including fewer hours, working from home or hybrid working, three-day weekends, and healthy relationships with […]

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Posted Monday 10-01-22

Work with Aspen

We are delighted to be recruiting at all levels as a result of increased demand and the successful relationships we […]

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Posted Wednesday 15-12-21

Interview with SRUC Outgoing Chair, Sandy Cumming CBE

Sandy Cumming, CBE, talks about his time as Chair of SRUC and the recruitment campaign for his successor.

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Posted Monday 13-12-21

Best benefits of being on a board

Deciding to be on a board is a monumental undertaking that demands your time and attention outside your paid hours. […]

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