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POSTED Wednesday 01-11-23

Procurex Scotland 2023

Lauren Crichton – 01/11/2023

Attending procurement events can be a game-changer for professionals in the public procurement sector. One such event that stands out is Procurex Scotland held at the SEC Glasgow, this is a unique event that enables all stakeholders to learn about the latest developments shaping the future of this area – featuring extensive skills development, networking, collaboration and product showcase opportunities for public sector buyers and private sector organisations alike. This event holds immense value, yesterday the Education Team from Aspen People had the pleasure of attending.

Attending the event was an invaluable opportunity for us to delve deeper into the intricacies of procurement within the education sector. Aspen People are hugely grateful to be ranked number one on the APUC Framework, APUC is the Advanced Procurement for Universities and Colleges. This prestigious recognition enables us to establish strong partnerships with universities and colleges, fostering collaboration and facilitating efficient procurement processes. By attending Procurex Scotland, we aimed to gain further insights into the unique challenges and best practices associated with procurement in the education sector. We were eager to learn from industry experts, engage in meaningful discussions, and explore innovative approaches to enhance our procurement strategies within this specific context.

Events often feature insightful keynote speeches and workshops led by industry leaders and Procurex was no exception. These sessions offered valuable knowledge and insights into the latest trends, best practices, and emerging technologies in procurement. By attending these events, professionals can stay updated, gain fresh perspectives, and enhance their expertise in the ever-evolving world of procurement. One of the most impactful highlights of our attendance at Procurex was the opportunity to participate in a thought-provoking speech on equality and diversity in recruitment. The speaker delved into the importance of creating inclusive workplaces and the positive impact it has on organisational success. The session shed light on the challenges faced in achieving equality and diversity in the recruitment process and provided practical strategies for overcoming them. It was inspiring to witness the speaker’s passion and expertise, as they shared real-life examples and success stories. This speech not only broadened our understanding of the significance of equality and diversity but also motivated us to actively contribute to creating more inclusive recruitment practices within Aspen People.

The day was a huge success and Aspen People were delighted to be in attendance. We learned more about procurement in the sector while also deepening our commitment to providing inclusive recruitment practices. It was great to chat with other professionals in the sector and hear how Aspen People can provide an exemplary service through APUC. We are excited to return next year!