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POSTED Tuesday 01-11-22

Not-for-Profit and 3rd Sector Recruitment Trends in 2023

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Thank you for joining us again on the Aspen People Blog. Today we will look forward at recruitment trends in 2023.

As always, the first month of the year is going to be one of the busiest times for recruitment. However, people enjoy freshening things up from the start of a new year. This fits nicely for an organisation looking to recruit between January and March. This is especially important given the challenges the nation has endured recently with employing and retaining quality talent.

Here are some key trends to help inform your recruitment drive:

January moves

Third-sector jobs show spikes in candidate activity at the start of any year. Therefore, Not-for-Profit and Charities can strategise their recruitment requirements for the year ahead and could do well to advertise at the beginning of the year when the talent pools are more significant.

Mission not (always) Money

For many third-sector employees, the cause they serve is the energy they need and the reason they are working there. In addition, many candidates will have close personal reasons for wanting to work with a particular organisation.

However, salary cannot take a backseat, as goodwill alone will not ensure a retainable and competent workforce. Therefore, recruiters in the third sector must look at measuring that mission and money are equally considered. All the while keeping salary competitive with other sectors where possible.

Recruitment Free from Bias

For many organisations that use technology, tech-enabled screening processes are helping to remove any unconscious biases and ensure that the recruitment process is fair for all applicants.

For example, chatbots can answer candidate questions and ensure two-way processes. Or CRM systems can help executive search companies like Aspen People narrow their search for a candidate to the finest of details. It goes hand-in-hand with the human element and interaction, of course. What is important, though, is that it means that the right person for the job is discovered.


The power of a story and real-life case study cannot be underestimated. Third-sector candidates are already motivated by the desire to help the charities they want to work with.

Recruiters can harness the power of social media through video posting, long and short-form copy and podcasts. These activities will help with the storytelling and add authenticity to the person, their role, and the organisation as a whole.

New Ways of Working

The pandemic has reset expectations and has proved that working from home can be just as productive for many jobs. In addition, many candidates report improved well-being and time with family, which is affected by remote working.

Hybrid working models, where possible, going forward may be increasingly valued over more pay for some candidates, and recruiters need to ensure they understand the desires of their workforce and can deliver upon them when possible.

November Hustle

Many organisations will put extra effort into their recruitment towards the end of October into November. Candidates looking to start a new job before the end of the year should keep their eyes on job boards. Not to mention calling their go-to recruiters often.

That’s all for the recruitment trends in 2023

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