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POSTED Friday 15-07-22

10 Tips to Smash Your Video Interview – Part 2

In our last blog, we looked at the essential elements and tips for preparing for a video interview. We covered the likes of researching the organisation you will be interviewing for, preparing and practising your answers with your webcam, setting up your location for comfort and security and checking your tech.

Our video interview tips will help you prepare and nail that interview regardless of the job level, executive or entry-level. Let us break down our top 10 tips to cover the pre-interview, during and post-interview process to ensure you’re ready.

During – Take Deep Breaths

When you’re into the interview, there are a few ways you stand out from the other candidates.

The first one is an interview technique used in regular face-to-face interviews. It is crucial for video interviews and generally reducing stress. Compose yourself by taking deep breaths before each of your answers.

A vital element of a great interview is the ability to articulate answers clearly and show how well you can communicate under pressure. Especially if the video interview is a pre-recorded one, take your time to move through each question slowly and carefully.

Whether an interview over a video platform or in person, it will always be a nerve-racking experience. You want to impress and do well. Assuming everyone going for the job interviews well, you want to give the hiring manager a headache. By accepting that you have some stress and putting measures in place to composure yourself, you’ll be in an excellent position to deliver your best interview performance.

During – Speak Clearly

When replying to or recording your video answers, you’re at the mercy of your device’s microphone and the interviewer’s speakers; even a broadband connection can be your hidden foe. That’s why speaking slowly and clearly in video interviews is essential. Taking your time shows confidence and is evidence of how competent a communicator you are. It also reduces the chances of the interviewer not being able to hear you at the other end.

Don’t talk too slowly; deliver your answers naturally and confidently, and you’ll find a sweet balance!

During – Look at the Lens

It takes some getting used to, but consider this – in a face-to-face interview, we all know where to look. You make eye contact with your interviewers, who will be doing the same.

One of the most common mistakes people make during video interviews is not looking at the camera lens. Instead, they find themselves distracted by looking at their video window or the video window of others on the screen. Not looking at the camera lens means the person at the other end only sees you looking off centre. Not only does it look a little off, but it also makes it harder for the interviewer to engage with your answers.

To perform at your best, keep reminding yourself to offer your answers directly to the camera lens as if you were making eye contact with a real-life (in-person) interviewer. Just like you did when you were practising your answers to the camera.

During – Avoid Habits & Distractions

When you’re sitting in interviews, keep any distracting habits at bay – one of the essentials for video interviews but also one of the easiest to forget. For example, no biting your fingernails, poking and scratching at your face too often. These things potentially make you look and sound nervous, but they’re also distracting for the person interviewing you.

Remove other distractions also. Look to locking your mobile phone away, switching aeroplane mode on, and closing down any other apps on your computer to avoid losing focus on the interview. Such as Bluetooth, so your laptop or tablet doesn’t also ring in the middle of an interview.

Come back again when we dive into the third part of 10 Tips to Smash Your Video Interviews.

The third and final part will be published on Wednesday, the 27th. See you then.

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