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Lay Members



The Law Society is a jewel in Scotland’s crown, making a unique and valued contribution to civic society, the rule of law and access to justice. As Chief Executive since January 2022, I have seen first hand the expertise and excellence of our many members and volunteers who are committed to that work.   I’d love you to be part of helping the Law Society of Scotland sustain that contribution over the next few years.

We are a professional body and a regulator -setting and enforcing standards for a profession that helps people in need and acting in the public interest. We support and care for our hard-working members and provide a voice that represents the legal sector and wider society when we speak on the rule of law, access to justice and human rights.

Since joining the Law Society, I have been struck by the strong commitment our members have to the profession and often hear the comment ‘I am proud to be a Scottish solicitor’.  With our unique legal history and education, the Scottish legal sector is known and respected across the world. Upholding that reputation is critical to the work of the Law Society, and we do so in may ways, including, for example through risk-based regulation and support to members to enhance and develop their skills.

The Law Society has a duty to act in the public interest.  Involving lay members – people who are not solicitors – in our work brings a richness of experience and perspectives to help us discharge that duty. I hope you will think about helping the Society by bringing your experience and skills to help us deliver our strategy and contribute to continued pride in the legal profession.

Best Wishes,

Diane McGiffen

Chief Executive Officer

Law Society of Scotland