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Join us in our mission as a modern, Scottish international healthcare charity, dedicated to making a difference in communities across India, Malawi, Nepal, Rwanda, Scotland and Zambia. Established in 1841, EMMS International has evolved into a dynamic organisation with a commitment to several niche specialisms.

Our Areas of Expertise:

Non-Communicable Disease: One of our specialisms is palliative care, ensuring comfort and dignity for families facing life-limiting illnesses.

Climate Change: We equip partner hospitals with extensive solar power solutions, reducing their electricity bills and their environmental impact and improving healthcare.

Global Healthcare Workforce: At the grassroots level, we empower vulnerable young women to pursue careers in healthcare, contributing to a diverse and inclusive workforce.

Emergency Response: Our partners respond swiftly and effectively to crises, from addressing COVID-19 to combating teenage pregnancies, and from detecting and treating leprosy to providing aid in disaster-stricken areas.

At EMMS International, professionalism is paramount. We actively contribute to the academic community by publishing papers that document our learning and insights from our endeavours. Our expertise and value for money are recognised through regular funding from governmental bodies.

Join Our Board:

Our board convenes quarterly, comprising eight trustees who guide our strategic direction. As we continue to expand our impact, we seek an insightful and visionary leader to join us as the new Chair, bringing our trustee count to nine.

If you are passionate about social justice, committed to excellence, and eager to lead transformative change, we invite you to embark on this rewarding journey with us at EMMS International.

Together, let’s shape a more equitable world. Apply now to become our next Chair and help steer our mission to improve health justice.

To find out more about EMMS International’s impact visit: 58bb2f_87e5eb4fec5a4935a304ffaaca3f489c.pdf (emms.org)

Ann McKechin

Interim Chair

Interim Chair, Ann McKechin, discusses the current Chair recruitment campaign.

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