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About Us

Introducing Capella

We are proud to announce that we have changed our charity name from Sleep Scotland to Capella. Those who work with Sleep Scotland know and value our name. However, we found that it was confusing to have our other charitable activity, Teens+, underneath the registered charity name of Sleep Scotland. At our core, Sleep Scotland and Teens+ share the values of person-centred support, working with people for as long as they need us with empathy and integrity. Therefore, we decided to change the charity name, and keep Sleep Scotland and Teens+ as our charitable services under our new registration.

Capella is one of the brightest stars in the sky and has been used for hundreds of years for navigation. The name suits our charity because we are with people on their journey, for as long as they need us, helping them get to where they want to be.

Strategy 2025: Change for Good

We believe in lasting change through learning, because everyone deserves to thrive. Our ambitious new strategy, Change for Good, sets our vision for a thriving charity that delivers our purpose; to realise the potential of children and adults in need.

The aim of our strategy is to grow in order to reach and support more people and become more sustainable. Our values are very important to us and everyone at Capella represents our values, to help people thrive.


Capella Charity Annual Report


Capella Charity Strategic Plan