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Chief Executive & Director of Property & Development

About Us

Loreburn Housing Association (LHA) is 40 years old this year. We are a registered charity who own around 2,500 properties located throughout Dumfries & Galloway, from Langholm in the east to Stranraer in the west, with many developments in the rural communities of the region. We operate in one of the most beautiful areas of Scotland and our Vision is to Create Great Places to Live and our ambition is to be recognised amongst the Best Housing Associations’ in Scotland.

We offer a wide variety of accommodation and services to suit a range of needs.

LHA are led by an ambitious Management Committee who are committed to the delivery of an exceptional housing service. Building on our reputation as an award-winning housing provider

Our Corporate Strategy is truly customer focussed and includes the creation of our own In House Repairs Service, a hub, home and roam model in the way we work, a commitment to build new homes to Passiv Haus standards and a strong commitment to continue to invest in our talented, empowered and energised workforce who make a positive difference across local communities.

The homes we develop offer high levels of energy efficiency as we strive for affordability across a range of running costs within the home including service charges and energy costs. We are committed to staff increasingly working agilely, outside the office, so they are more visible in the communities where they work. Our value for money strategy is to create savings which can be invested in services that directly benefit our customers, services they want at a price they can afford.

Our Management Committee works collaboratively with our Executive Team to shape a business that delivers great results for our customers.

We pride ourselves on being a housing association that is valued by the local community.  A different kind of housing association, one that has no ambition to be the biggest, but always aspires to be the best we can be.  We respect and value our tenants and communities where they live.  We are committed to working more closely with our customers to achieve our goals.  Our Strategic priorities are

  • GREAT Homes
  • GREAT Services
  • GREAT People
  • GREAT Communities

With a strong focus on culture, ways of working and talent management to ensure we recruit, retain and develop the best team. Our values run through all that we do. They’re what drives our commitment for GREAT Homes, GREAT Communities, GREAT Services and GREAT People. Our five values support our vision, shape our culture and describe what makes us different. They guide the way we make decisions and work with our customers, colleagues and stakeholders.



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