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Project Manager & Climate Resilience Manager Recruitment

About Us

Sniffer has a vision of a fairer and flourishing Scotland in a future climate, and helps communities, organisations and business to understand, anticipate and transform in the face of climate change. Sniffer is at a very exciting time in the organisation’s development.

Our future focus is on:

  • Collaboration and innovation for systems change
  • Supporting a conducive policy environment for transformation at local, regional, and national level
  • New forms of governance, leadership and finance addressing climate change
  • Contributing to a social movement for change brought about through champions, pioneers, and networks

We are currently developing some of the UK’s most vibrant and exciting climate change adaptation and resilience projects – through place-based initiatives and supporting organisations and communities. Our award-winning work is looked to around the world as some of the leading practice in the global response to the impacts of climate change. We are poised to be proactive in driving change in Scotland, and connecting with international learning and expertise

Sniffer helps communities, organisations and places to flourish in a fair way in our changing climate. We are a catalyst, collaborating across sectors to support transformation towards a flourishing and fairer future for all.

We are at an exciting time in our development as an organisation, with a new strategy and a growing portfolio of projects. We are looking for new talent to join our team across several roles. Our work is structured across three areas:

  • Climate Ready Leadership: empowering and equipping leaders from across society, to lead transformation toward a fair and flourishing future for all
  • Climate Ready Placemaking: ensuring that more places across Scotland are better able to flourish in a fair way in our changing climate
  • Climate Ready Innovation: working with others to learn by doing things differently and doing different things

Part of our Climate Ready Placemaking workstream, Creative Climate Futures is a new two-year project funded by the UK Shared Prosperity Fund as part of the Glasgow Communities and Place Fund. Delivered in collaboration with partners including Creative Carbon Scotland, Glasgow Council for the Voluntary Sector, Community Land Scotland, Scottish Communities Climate Action Network and Glasgow City Council, the project will work with communities in Glasgow who are most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change to design climate ready futures for their neighbourhoods and catalyse action to make these visions a reality. The project builds on Sniffer’s existing portfolio of work within Glasgow and the wider City Region, including Climate Ready Clyde.