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Who we are

We form part of the global Caritas family, and since 2020 have been based in our eco-friendly offices in Glasgow City Centre. Compelled by Christ’s love, we help people in the world’s poorest places lift themselves out of poverty, work together to protect our common home, and help people recover from disaster.

For five decades, we have reached out to our global neighbours in need, irrespective of their race, religion or background, sustained by the generosity and love of Catholics in Scotland.  We work in partnership with local and church organisations, supporting communities across Africa, Asia and Latin America, to bring about lasting change. We put pressure on governments to care for the planet and create a fairer, more peaceful world.

At SCIAF, we are inspired by the gospel to tackle the causes of poverty and injustice.  We know poverty is not just a lack of money; it flows from our selfishness, indifference and failure to treat every single person with the dignity they deserve. There is no single source of poverty. A variety of crises and causes combine, creating relentless downward pressure on those who have the least.  We always work with people in the hardest circumstances, so they can overcome their daily struggles and break the deeper causes that create suffering. Reaching out in love to the poorest people – regardless of age, race or religion – we believe in supporting the whole person, including their spiritual wellbeing, political voice, and cultural and community life.

Our impact

  • We helped over 2.2 million people to have a brighter future
  • We spent over £7 million on 138 projects, working with more than 980 overseas partners, in 29 countries
  • We supported more than 500,000 people in emergency situations across the world

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