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Audiologist Recruitment

As an audiologist with The Hearing Clinic UK, you will be an integral part of our company’s Mission and Vision.


Our Vision


Our vision is simple: Change worlds through better hearing.

Our Mission


The Hearing Clinic UK believes in providing quality, convenient, caring, and comprehensive state of the art audiology services for those with hearing loss, and all associated hearing problems. Our innovative efforts are aimed at advocacy, education, prevention, rehabilitation, and community service.

The Hearing Clinic UK acts in accordance with the highest standards of ethics, accountability, efficiency, and openness. We approach our activities with a deep sense of purpose and responsibility. Our patients are assured of a balanced and sensible approach to their hearing healthcare.

Our 11 Beliefs


We believe in Honesty – Our patients, their families, and friends, deserve fair, honest, sincere, and competent care that seeks to educate and provide them with expert information related to their hearing healthcare.

We believe in Service – Exceptional, professional, and consistent service that is flexible enough to accommodate everyone’s unique needs.

We believe in Communication – The importance of effective communication in every area of our business.

We believe in Standards – We operate within the highest possible ethical standards.

We believe in Teamwork The team work positively as a group and support each other to benefit the quality of care for our patients and the success of the clinic.

We believe in Celebration – we celebrate success in all we do and share our learning when we get it right.

We believe in Learning We continually develop our skills to improve our service offering. We actively encourage and support ongoing training to maintain our clinical and business standards.

We believe in Excellence We settle for nothing less than the best. As the leading hearing care service provider, we set the bar for other clinics to aspire to.

We believe in Thankfulness We are grateful for the opportunity to work with our clients and ensure their time with us is positive and well received.

We believe in Innovation – We are leaders of innovation; we believe that innovation is a journey and not a destination.

We believe in Respect We always act respectfully to our patients and colleagues. Where any form of conflict should occur, we will deal with it transparently and positively for the benefit of all stakeholders.