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Director of R3 & Asset Management


Hi – welcome to a slightly different world!

We’re pretty distinctive as a Housing Association.  We’re even more eye catching as a maintenance contractor.  As a Group, we’re unique.

We’ve been a .com company since 2008.  We have had full self-service for repairs and maintenance since 2011, the first in the UK to develop and deliver these kind of services.  R3 was born in the cloud in 2011 too, and has only ever had fully digital systems.

We believe we are unique in UK housing to combine a housing association with a fully commercial repairs and maintenance subsidiary company.  ELHA as the parent is an important customer, but so are the other housing associations, large and small businesses, and individual home owners R3 works with.

This is an ELHA post, but it carries responsibility for both ELHA’s investment activities through our Asset Management team, as well as overall responsibility for our maintenance company, R3.  We’ve an exciting future ahead as we continue to innovate in all sorts of new and interesting ways, and a blank canvas in terms of how we take on the challenges the changing climate demands we respond to.

Our current Director, who has been with us throughout the creation and development of R3, is retiring.  They leave R3 in great shape, and the Group as a whole is reporting excellent performance across the board.  This is the perfect time to start a new journey with us, and to help develop a whole new generation of products and services in an environment which embraces creativity and exploration.

Healthy Happy Homes.  Respond Repair Rebuild.  Our visions for ELHA and R3 are simple, we just need to make sure we keep living up to them.

Martin Pollhammer
Chief Executive