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Head of People & Organisational Development

About Capability Scotland


Capability Scotland delivers exemplary care, support, and education for disabled children and adults across Scotland.

We are a charity, founded in 1946 by a group of parents and health professionals who were unhappy with the way their children, with cerebral palsy, were being treated. We have always strived to be a major ally in supporting disabled people to have full equality of opportunity and participation as citizens of Scotland.

We’re huge advocates of creating independence for disabled people and putting our customers at the heart of our work.

Capability Scotland at a glance

  • We support over 850 customers throughout Scotland
  • Our 840 staff are based within our services, in the community and at our office hubs
  • We work with 28 of 32 Scottish local authorities (plus two in England and one in Wales)
  • Our staff have specialist knowledge on over 150 disabilities and conditions
  • We operate 22 services across Scotland

Our Services

Residential Caring Support

We provide long-term and permanent residential accommodation, ensuring that every resident in our care has the full support of our staff to realise their potential and reach their goals. We support our residents with everything from medical needs to paying their bills. We engage our residents in various activities from baking, to art classes and even the odd bit of sport!

Care at Home and Housing Support

Our community-based support allows people to live in their own homes and remain active in their local communities. We provide round-the-clock support to ensure people can live the most independent lives they can, with whatever help they feel they need to successfully do this. We even support people to go on holiday.

Day Opportunities

We love having people visit our day opportunities centres during the week, where they take part in meaningful activities that allow expression, creation, and just having a good time with their friends. Across the country, we provide safe spaces for disabled people to get involved in art, drama, music, gardening, cooking, trips out and a whole lot more.

Schools and Education

Whilst learning new things is a part of each of our offerings, we have two specialist education schools for disabled children and young adults – one in Lanark and one in Johnstone. Each of our school campuses offer primary, secondary, and further education.

Our Vision

An inclusive Scotland where everyone has the opportunity to have their voice heard, contribute to society and fulfil their potential.

Our Mission

We will strive to deliver the highest quality services, tailored to the individual needs of disabled people.

We will work in partnership to create innovative solutions which enable our people to achieve their goals.

We will put our customers and learners at the heart of everything we do and will make sure their voices are heard loud and clear.

Our Values

We will show all of our people kindness, dignity and compassion through our actions and words

We will treat people with respect, value the opinions of others and celebrate diversity

We will enable one another to achieve our ambitions and will seek to always do better

Open and Honest
We will always strive to do the right thing and will build trust by being transparent

We will push boundaries, explore alternatives and seek new innovative solutions


Our vision, mission and values shape our charity, ensuring that the people we support are at the heart of everything we do.


Our website:             www.capability.scot

Our social media:      www.facebook.com/CapabilityScotland



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