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The Alfred Stewart Trust, established in 2010, has focused on providing valuable support to the Photodynamic Therapy Centre (“PDTC”) at Ninewells Hospital Dundee.

Now the Trust is seeking opportunities to extend its support further to other deserving projects and organisations in the Dunfermline area.

Due to legal reasons, the Trust has been under the administration of a Judicial Factor (court-appointed administrator) for some time. As this chapter nears its end, the Trust is actively seeking a dynamic Board of Trustees to lead and drive its future endeavours.

The Judicial Factor has closely collaborated with the Directors of the Charity’s Subsidiary, The Alfred Stewart Property Foundation Ltd. Together, they have diligently managed the substantial land assets entrusted to them by the settlor of the Charitable Trust. These valuable assets have been expertly overseen with the assistance of a local land management and surveying company, ensuring their optimal utilisation and development. Consequently, the Alfred Stewart Trust has substantial assets with which to support deserving causes in the years ahead.